Evaporative systems

Evaporative systems

Evaporative air conditioning is an energy efficient and environmentally friendly way to keep cool in the hotter months. A single roof mounted outdoor unit provides cooled air by way of drawing the outside air through pre-soaked pads surrounding the 4 sides of the unit.

The air is then delivered throughout the home via flexible ducting and associated components to a number of ceiling outlets or wall mounted grilles.

It is important to size the unit correctly based on the square meterage of the home whilst taking into account ceiling heights to determine the volume of air required. An evaporative system should be sized to cool your entire home.

We only offer the highest quality evaporative systems built tough here in Australia for the harsh Australian conditions that are backed with industry leading warranties. Enquire today on-line or call our office to speak with one of our friendly team members for expert considered advise.

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