Reverse cycle ducted

Reverse cycle ducted

A Reverse cycle ducted air conditioning system consists of three main parts. An indoor unit (fan coil) which is typically installed in your roof space and an outdoor unit which is generally mounted at ground level in a practical and unobtrusive location, and thirdly the Air distribution system which consists of the insulated flexible ducting, splitter boxes, zone barrel dampers, zone motors, cabling, and control systems.

The indoor unit delivers the conditioned air throughout the home via a number of insulated flexible ducts. To maximise efficiency and give the end user total control over the system, each room is recommended to be on its own controllable zone allowing you to turn zones on and off as you need along with regulating airflow to each zone which creates different comfort levels throughout.

The outdoor unit delivers the required refrigerant via a gas and liquid line to the indoor unit, either cooling or heating the coil. The indoor fan then blows air over the coil and into your home via your flexible ducting at your desired temperature.

A high-quality air distribution system is just as important as the air conditioner itself. A well-insulated, leak free and balanced air distribution system will result in much lower energy costs, less wear and tear on your air conditioning unit and logically a longer lifespan of the unit. The Air distribution system is a third-party addition to a reverse cycle ducted system. Here at Mandurah Energy House we only use the highest quality air handling equipment to complement our range of energy efficient ducted systems. Click here to learn more – Air distribution system.

It is extremely important that a ducted system is sized correctly for not only the home but also to meet the end users expectations. At Mandurah Energy House it is at the forefront of our mind to establish your expectations along with the homes/properties requirements to ensure trouble-free effective and efficient cooling and heating for the years to come.

In summary, a reverse cycle ducted system is the most discreet and effective way to air condition an entire home.


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